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Digital Sign Brothers is proud to provide Los Angeles and Southern California with a variety of digital signs for your advertising needs. Whether that be custom illuminated channel letters, or large outdoor LED displays, we are here to help. We can assist you with the entire process from design, sign fabrication, installation, and electrical wiring (since we are licensed and bonded). Our technicians have over 20 years of experience, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.


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Monument Signs

Buying a monument sign can be expensive, and you want to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. Monument signs are typically installed outside of a business park or building, allowing visitors and passers-by to find the establishment. These signs attract attention to your business and leave a lasting impression. Digital Sign Brothers is committed to providing the residents of Los Angeles with the sign services they need.

We offer affordable prices on all monument signs in Los Angeles because we understand how important it is for businesses like yours to get the most out of their investments. Our team works hard to ensure that our clients’ needs are met throughout every stage of design, installation, and maintenance so that you can focus on running your company without having any worries about signage issues. We specialize in helping companies create customized solutions for their unique needs; contact us today for more information!

Back and Face Lit Letters

Is the goal of new signage to provide a powerful visual experience for people while they are outdoors? Regardless of if the signage is needed for a stadium scoreboard, to create an aesthetic concert background, or if something smaller is required—like storefront advertising—the right LED display will produce the desired effect. These displays are completely customizable, which means it is possible to get what is needed when required from industry professionals dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

Long-Lasting Design and Durability

The outside world can be treacherous. Dust, ultraviolet rays, snow, rain, and extreme temperatures are all things that can impact the signage used. However, thanks to modern innovation and the availability of UV protective treatments, waterproofing, dust-tight enclosures, and other specialized protection methods, the LED solutions commonly used can make it through any conditions or adverse weather.

The Right Light

When the sun is out, it isn’t easy to see LED signage. However, with the right LED displays, a person has a high brightness level that can deliver up to 6000 nits. This makes the signs visible and easy to see even in direct sunlight.

A Versatile and Flexible Option

Regardless of the environment, there is an outdoor LED display that will work. Today, it is possible to purchase lightweight outdoor displays that can be hung or video walls for a temporary event that are fast to install and disassemble even by a single person. Other features include fine pixel pitch video walls for viewing up-close or transparent mesh solutions to see through. It does not matter how close or far away the audience is from the signage, the right LED solution will provide the desired results no matter what they are.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are a type of plastic or custom-made lettering option that is commonly used for outside signage found on commercial or public buildings. Sometimes, these letters are illuminated internally. The three-dimensional letters that are unlit and used for monuments or sign panels are typically called dimensional letters.

Standard Metal Construction 

The standard channel letter features a 3D graphic sign element. The channel is usually designed out of sheet metal, which is typically aluminum since it does not rust. Usually, to create these letters, a flat sheet of aluminum is cut by a computer-controlled water jet, laser, or router, based on the selected vector-based file.

This is the process used to create the backside of the channel. It is also the basis for the shape of the letter. The channel letter’s sides, referred to as returns, are created by bending a three-inch to six-inch-wide aluminum strip around the pre-cut aluminum back. The return is then welded at the seam, or it can be riveted.

Once complete, the letter can be painted and fitted with the desired lighting components, such as light-emitting diode modules or neon gas tubes. The last step is the installation of the translucent plastic face that is made from polycarbonate or acrylic fiber. The trim cap border is then applied to the edges, providing a finished look for the letter. It also creates a fastening surface for attachments. When the lights inside the letter are turned on at night, they attract the attention of people who pass by.

Channel Letters with Exposed Neon

These are the standard channel letter described above, but the neon is covered up using a clear acrylic face. The goal is to help keep the birds from going inside and making a nest and to offer protection for the exposed neon from the external elements, such as adverse weather conditions. Also, this design lets more of the exposed neon be visible, along with the channel letter’s interior, which helps create a more defined dimensional appearance.

Channel Letters Plastic Formed

A formed channel letter will have a molded plastic back and a raised lip. The fact or cover is either round or prismatic, which is a faceted face. It is made from light-diffusing, translucent colored plastic. Light comes from the sides and the face of these letters. Vinyl that is cut can also be applied to the face, which creates several colored light effects and can create a halo look. Plastic faces may also be designed with a chrome finish so the letters look chrome during the day but still light up at night.

Reverse Lit or Halo Lit Letters 

The light will flood the wall where the letter is installed can create a negative space during the night. Letters designed in this style are also referred to as halo letters. This is typically the costliest option to make. The LEDs will be installed through the back of the can, and the back may include translucent or clear plastic. Usually, the letters will be mounted about 1.5 inches away from the wall so there is a gap between them and the building. The interior of the can may be painted white to help reflect the light.

The halo lighting’s effect allows for several creative effects depending on the sheen, color, and the building surface’s texture. Light-colored building surfaces that feature a matte finish will create the best halo effect, while a dark, mirror-like finish is the worst.

Back and Face Lit Letters

These are letters that combine the same features offered by the back- and face-lit letters. The interior of the can is not typically painted white.

The right signage and lettering for any purpose or use will be essential in ensuring that the message is clear and portrayed in an understandable manner. Be sure to get to know the various options listed here and consider the one that best suits the building’s needs.

When exploring the various lettering options, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of this signage while feeling confident the right message is being portrayed. Also, by choosing the right sign company, a person can feel confident the desired results will be achieved for an affordable price. Being informed and understanding the available options will ensure that the signage provides quality aesthetics and results. Find us online here!

Church Signs

At Digital Sign brothers, the church signs we usual provide are usually monument signs, or outdoor LED signage that is mounted on a monument in front of a church. These signs are great because they provide a large LED screen that displays crystal clear messages and images that can be preprogrammed by the church. This allows you the ability to put custom messages to alert you congregation about upcoming events, the topic the next sermon, highlight community members, or a relevant verse from the bible.

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How much does a church sign cost?

If you’re looking for a digital LED monument sign, digital church sign, these might go from $20,000 to $30,000, but call us today to see a quote for your situation. Digital Sign Brothers is fully staffed with an inhouse certified electrician, and we can see the whole project through from design to installation. We often hear, “where can I get a digital church sign near me?” Look no further, call Digital Sign Brothers to get a quote today.


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